Going Free Moving

Going utilises Segway's self-balancing technology combined with the sophisticated mechanical controls of the GO seat model, allowing incredible freedom of movement to reach places considered inaccessible until now. It is also equipped with a lighting system so as to be used at night.

When in operation, Going moves progressively in accordance with the backwards or forwards inclination of the torso, leaving both hands free to steer the vehicle or do other things.

All posture requirements are fulfilled by the possibility of adjusting the sophisticated seated model.

Going seat

The birth of GOING

Going device for the disabled

Born in 2010 from a project in which enthusiasm and innovation converged, it is the result of constant effort, renunciation, and finally resurgence, to obtain a vehicle unique in its genre, able to give back all the pleasures of moving without limitation, on any type of ground.

Going originates from twenty years of experience of the Handytech company, specialising in the supply of equipment and systems able to simplify the lives of people with motor disabilities. For many years, the company has been involved also at an international level in special equipment and driving devices for various types of vehicles, van rentals for transporting disabled people, and loading systems.

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