Technical Specifications

The technical features of Going include:

  • InfoKey Controller with 4 buttons for activating the electronic functions and real-time checking of the integrated display.
  • Activating handles with stabilisers that have integrated release levers and the option of being positioned on the left or right.
  • Stabilisers: on the ground, for transferring; in an intermediate position, the fall preventers; in a raised position for starting/moving complete with Going, in a raised position.
  • With adjustable seat both in terms of height and front-back tilt, it is complete with person-on-board sensor.
  • The backrest is also adjustable, orthopaedic and in carbon.
  • The height of the feet supports is adjustable.
  • Removable handlebar with safety lock and quick hitch.
  • Front and rear LED illumination for nighttime use, with 48-hour battery life.
  • Battery charger plug that enables charging of the lighting power supply. Possibility to connect your Smartphone with an adaptor.
  • Reduced weight and bulk thanks to the compact and lightweight GO unit.


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