How Does It Work?

The GO seated model by Going is constructed with the highest-quality components and materials specifically treated to produce minimum friction. This reduces wear due-and-tear through normal use and exposure to the elements.

The seat adjustment has been specifically developed in collaboration with prominent physiotherapists to guarantee a posture equivalent to that of a wheelchair. The cushion is made of water-repellent material, whilst the back is orthopaedic, installed on an adjustable support that reclines as desired. When seated, the lower limbs are supported by footrests that can also be adjusted. For the upper body, handles are used to activate the Segway stabilisers. To initiate the Segway sensors, simply press either the left or right positional lever.

The functional core of Going

Going - Handlebar

It is positioned in the handles that act simultaneously on the GO seated model and on the Segway safety systems. In fact, these handles activate the mechanical sensor when a person is "on-board" and the electronic blockage sensors activate the rapid release of the handlebar.


Nice and modern

Why not?! In addition to being a functional vehicle, Going has many chromatic solutions available, whilst its minimalist design renders it unique, modern and pleasing; a vehicle that transcends the concept of a simple wheelchair for disabled people.

Going combines all the most elevated electronic technology solutions with the most advanced mechanical engineering of the time, to provide new and environmentally-friendly means of mobility for everyone.

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